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Chris & Julia Nicholson own and operate Lazy C Diamond Ranch in south-central North Dakota. Simmental cattle have been a part of our daily life since the mid-90s.  Chris grew up building and operating C Diamond Simmentals with his parents and family until 2016 when an opportunity arose to move 25 miles from the home ranch and start Lazy C Diamond Ranch near Kintyre.

We utilize a spring and fall calving cow herd and have now started a stand-alone bull sale at the Ranch, the first Wednesday in February. We heavily utilize embryo transplant to quickly propagate multiple sons and daughters of our leading donors, building uniformity and consistency into our cow herd and the bull offering.

We are passionate about Simmental cattle and thrive on the advancement of this breed. We tirelessly work to create genetics that offer breed leading EPD profiles, structural integrity, and the PERFORMANCE that have made Simmental cattle so popular. We may be a little biased, but we believe Simmentals CAN do it all! 

Our herd sires and cow herd are a majority ¾ to purebred Simmentals. That being said, the crossing of Simmentals on Angus and Red Angus is, in our opinion, the ultimate cross. You can easily create an easy keeping, functional, and PROFITABLE animal. Our goal is to take that ideal “SimAngusTM” type of animal and breed high percentage or purebred Simmentals in that same mold. We want a modern-day Simmental cow that is average in size with as much body, capacity, and bred-in performance to be useful no matter where in the US she could be working. Along with the fundamental necessities of quality foot and udders, we pay close attention to carcass quality, maternal calving ease, milk, and performance. As you study our program, we hope you see the commitment we have working to breed well-balanced cattle that have much to offer to the industry.

One of the very best parts of being involved in the livestock industry is the close friendships that have been created. The people in agriculture are some of the very best there are! We welcome visitors and calls anytime to visit about our program and our straight-forward approach to raising quality Simmental cattle!






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February 7, 2024

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